Aloha! Secure Parking Hawaii is here to serve your parking needs in Honolulu. Whether you are a kamaaina or a visitor, you are part of our ohana. We care about you and our community by providing safe, reliable, convenient, and affordable parking. We strive to continually provide the highest levels of customer service, ensuring every experience you have with Secure Parking Hawaii is a great one. Achieving this has been one of the key factors in making Secure Parking Hawaii a thriving parking operator.


Creating a Community of No Parking Worries

Dedicated to our local communities, our mission is to create a positive impact through safe, reliable, and easily accessible parking solutions. Our goal is to alleviate the parking stresses faced by individuals and families, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free experience for all. Join us in our journey to redefine convenience and build a community where parking worries are a thing of the past.


Global Success Tailored to Hawaii

We at Secure Parking have over 45 years of global presence and a reputation for operational excellence and customer-centric practices. In 2018, we arrived in Hawai`i, bringing with us our global legacy of best-in-class operations, decades of innovation, and award-winning marketing tailored to each property and the community we serve here in Hawai`i. We are not just providing parking solutions – we are enhancing experiences and transforming the way people interact with parking facilities.





Jonathan serves as the CEO of Secure Parking Hawaii, where he was an integral part of the founding team in 2018. In his seven-year journey within the industry, Jonathan has demonstrated a remarkable talent for international business expansion, excelling at leading and developing enterprises in diverse markets. His strategic leadership, market insight, and proven ability to forge relationships have facilitated several successful initiatives.

Locally, Jonathan is recognized for his pivotal role in introducing Biki, a transformative bike-sharing initiative for urban Honolulu. This project alone has facilitated nearly 4 million rides for residents and continues to significantly reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions. This, along with the establishment of Secure Parking Hawai`i, underscores his commitment to reshaping the urban mobility landscape and reimagining parking solutions for a rapidly evolving world.

Jonathan’s approach to parking solutions in Hawai`i is centered around the distinct dynamics of the market. He recognizes that true success here involves more than just transactional interactions – it’s about cultivating a sense of community and collaboration. He envisions a future where parking seamlessly integrates into urban life, and endeavors to redefine the industry locally by fostering innovation, forging connections, and enhancing urban mobility. Jonathan’s journey exemplifies his dedication, innovation, and profound sense of responsibility to both the industry and the community he serves. He firmly believes that building a legacy of positive impact means giving more than taking and will continue to lead Secure Parking Hawaii with this ethos of generosity.



Jamie Barboza is a seasoned professional in the transportation and parking industry, known for his exceptional expertise and dedication. Joining Secure Parking Hawaii in July 2023 as an Account Executive, Jamie brings with him a shared vision and values that align perfectly with the company’s mission. A graduate of Kamehameha Schools, Jamie’s profound understanding and deep respect for the local community have shaped his commitment to upholding strong values in everything he does.

With over two decades of experience in the field, Jamie has established an impressive track record of success. His journey began with a passion for the industry and a determination to make a difference. Holding the prestigious Certified Parking Professional (CPP) designation, Jamie’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development is evident. This certification underscores his unmatched knowledge and expertise within the parking industry.

Since 2005, Jamie has been specializing in parking management, a field that he has excelled in due to his keen insights and strategic approach. Before joining Secure Parking Hawaii, he held the role of Senior Manager, overseeing a diverse portfolio of more than 20 properties. These properties ranged from surface lots to Class A buildings, showcasing Jamie’s versatility and adaptability in managing different types of parking facilities.

Jamie’s impact extends beyond his professional achievements. His deep ties to the community, fostered by his local education, have instilled a kuleana for the local industry and community. This commitment is a driving force behind his dedication to providing top-notch parking solutions that not only meet business goals but also resonate with the community’s needs. With Secure Parking Hawaii Jamie will now continue to leave positive long lasting impact on the industry and community he serves. 



With a remarkable career spanning an impressive 36 years in the parking industry, Jeff Sandborn is an esteemed figure who brings an unparalleled wealth of expertise to Secure Parking Hawaii. His extensive background encompasses Parking Operations, Business Development, and Automated Parking Equipment, making him a true authority in the field.

In July 2023, Jeff joined the ranks of Secure Parking Hawaii, becoming an integral part of the Business Development Department. What sets Jeff apart is not only his vast industry knowledge but also his deep-rooted familiarity with the nuances of Hawaii’s parking landscape. Having dedicated his career to understanding the intricacies, regulations, and unique challenges of parking within the state, Jeff possesses an intimate perspective.

Jeff’s journey is marked by a genuine passion for elevating parking solutions to new heights. His adept skills and profound insights serve as the driving force behind his ability to formulate innovative strategies, cultivate strategic partnerships, and pioneer automated parking solutions tailored to meet the distinctive demands of Hawaii’s dynamic market.

Throughout his career, Jeff has proven himself as a visionary leader who is not afraid to embrace change and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the parking industry. His accomplishments reflect a commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to enhancing parking experiences for both clients and customers. Here at Secure Parking Hawaii Jeff is continuing  his journey of  being a driving force in the evolution of parking solutions.



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