This lot which offers Kaimuki’s best parking is  proudly operated by Secure Parking Hawaii.

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Kaimuki Municipal Lot 1

Parking Rules



  1. Paid Parking

Availability: Monday-Friday except holidays between the hours of 5:00am to 11:00pm. Saturday through Sunday and Holidays hours of 6:00am to 12:00am.

Max Stay: The maximum amount of time a vehicle is allowed to stay is limited to the operating hours.

Overnight Parking: is not permitted.

Payment: All parking fees must be paid before exit. Customers shall pay the posted public parking rate using the pay stations provided or the scan-to-pay service. No cash is accepted at this parking facility.


  1. Monthly Parking Permits

Availability: 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Max Stay: The maximum amount of time a vehicle is allowed to stay in a stall is 48 hours.

Overnight Parking: is permitted.

Payment: All permits must be paid in advance. Monthly parking is not prorated.

Permit Type: All parkers will be issued an access card valid only for the vehicle and license plate which is registered.

Display of Permit: None

Transfer of permit: Monthly permits are nontransferable and only valid for the vehicle and plate which was registered at the time of purchase unless a transfer request is made, and all associated fees are paid to Secure Parking Hawaii in advance. Transfer of permits from one vehicle to another vehicle is only allowed when both vehicles are owned by the same owner. The old permit shall be surrendered, and the fee of $15 be paid prior to issuance of a new permit.

Replacement Cost: Replacements for mutilated or illegible permits costs $15. The old permit shall be surrendered, and the fee paid prior to issuance of a new permit.

Refunds: Monthly permits are nonrefundable for any current month after 24 hours from purchase and no credits will be given.

Cancelation: Permits may be cancelled at any time and a credit or refund provided for any unexpired months.

Permit Violations: Parking permits will be revoked for non-compliance with the following permit rules and no refund of credit will be given for any unexpired month.

Permit Rules: It is a violation to:

  • Allow another person to possess or use a parking decal issued to the Permit Holder.
  • Alter, forge, counterfeit, or imitate a parking sticker.
  • Possess or use a parking sticker, knowing it to have been altered, forged, counterfeited, or imitated.
  • Avoid compliance or attempt to avoid compliance by using an unauthorized sticker.


  1. General Parking Rules
  1. All vehicles being operated or parked at this parking facility shall have a valid vehicle registration and safety check.
  2. No vehicle at this parking facility shall be operated in careless or negligent manner or in disregard of the rights and safety of others.
  3. Parkers shall follow all official signage and pavement markings unless a regular or special police officer directs otherwise.
  4. All vehicles shall be parked entirely within the areas designated by the lines or markings of an individual parking stall. Vehicles occupying two (2) or more stalls appropriate minimum rate for each stall.
  5. Posted speed limits shall be obeyed at all times.
  6. Stopping or parking in front of an access point is strictly prohibited.
  7. Stopping or parking any vehicle for purposes of washing, polishing, greasing, or repairing is strictly prohibited except for those minor repairs necessary to remove the vehicle to an authorized area or from the parking facility.
  8. Stopping or parking a vehicle except in accordance with officially posted signage is prohibited.
  9. Parkers shall pay for all applicable fees and charges.
  10. Parkers shall not exceed posted parking time limits.
  11. All commercial activity is strictly prohibited without a valid permit issued by Secure Parking Hawaii.
  12. Using vehicles parked at this parking facility as storage is strictly prohibited.
  13. Parkers shall not tamper with or damage any vehicle other than their own vehicle parked or moving in the parking lot.
  14. Parkers shall not deface, tamper with, open, or willfully break, destroy, or impair and parking pay station equipment.
  15. Parkers shall follow all official direction, instruction, or restriction indicated by or on official signs posted at this parking facility.
  16. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed and held at owners’ expense to: MR TOW at 123 Pu’uhale Road, Honolulu HI 96819. +1 (808) 486 4665.